A busy weekend for TR!CKSTERS. Plenty of chances to find ’em!

Published May 16th, 2014 in Tricksters Around the World

For SoCal TR!CKSTERS, take a peek at the Wonderground Gallery in Anaheim (Downtown Disney) for the long anticipated “STICTCH” by Lyla Warren!
You can also see more of the creation process on her Facebook page.

Stitch makes his debut this weekend! (May 17th)

For Bay Area TR!CKSTER Fans, you’ll find this weekend marks the start of BIG WOW in San Jose. There are PLENTY of TR!CKSTERS to be found there. (Mike Mignola, Greg Rucka, & Michael Golden will be in Artist Alley).

Maker Faire is ALSO this weekend! One of our newest TR!CKSTER additions, RAWRZ Toys will be showing there. It’s a BIG show, you’ll likely find more!

In Dallas this weekend? Excellent! You can “Listen to Jimmy (& Pals)” on Saturday at the Dallas Comic Con (FanExpo)! Room D1 @ 2pm. You’ll also find TR!CKSTERS Amanda Conner, J. Scott Campbell, and Bernie Wrightson on the show floor!

As for your TR!CKSTER Trio? Anita Coulter and Ted Mathot will be at the Cartoon Art Museum fundraiser at Pixar on Saturday. Ted will be on the panel to celebrate 10 years of “The Incredibles”. Anita will be there (in a fabulous hat) to run the auction. It is hoped that Scott Morse will be catching a baseball game (one of us should).

Stay hydrated, TR!CKSTER Fans!