In Store Event FAQ

Where is the Brick & Mortar TR!CKSTER store?

The TR!CKSTER store is located in Berkeley at 2631 Ashby Ave, Suite A, Berkeley, CA.

What are the brick & mortar TR!CKSTER store hours?

The TR!CKSTER store is open Tuesday-Sunday, 11:00am-7:00pm.

What is TR!CKSTER’s mission statement?

TR!CKSTER exists specifically to support and promote the creator-owned work that has made modern art and storytelling vibrate with unique vision and voice, and to inspire and empower others to create and own their own work.

How can I get my work into TR!CKSTER?

TR!CKSTER is actively gathering works of a unique and high quality to offer in our store space and on our gallery walls. We are not accepting “submissions”, but rather seeking and acquiring work on a case by case basis. We’d love to offer space to anyone with the ambition to create and own their own work.

How can I get my books signed by the artist?

We’re hoping to schedule gatherings at our brick-and-mortar location that will give fans a chance to claim the signatures they crave! Keep your eyes peeled – we’ll post in-store events on the website.

Do you sell stuff online?

Yes! Check out our online store.

Can I get a artist commission through TR!CKSTER?

No. TR!CKSTER is a place for artists to showcase their work. If you’re looking to commission a particular piece or a particular subject, you would need to contact the artist directly.

I have a project and I would LOVE to work with one of the artists who’s work I’ve seen at TR!CKSTER, can you help me?

We don’t represent the artists in their artist endeavors. That being said, occasionally, we will pass along a interesting tidbit to a TR!CKSTER and then hope to see something magical created (that we can showcase AT TR!CKSTER!). This is done on a case by case basis.

I am REALLY looking for a collaborative partner for a project, are you SURE you can’t help me?

We do schedule shows with new and developing talent from some of our local colleges. It may be very possible that you’ll find just the sort of collaborator you’ve been looking for at those events!