Pop-Up Event FAQ

Can I buy a booth for a TR!CKSTER event? HOW much is a table?

A TR!CKSTER event is not a convention. It is a pop-up store, existing in a specific geographical locations for limited amounts of time. We will not be comprised of traditional “booths” or “tables”. You’ll find TR!CKSTER designed more closely in spirit to a retail store, featuring book and merchandise displays. We’ll try to let you know when artists will be on hand for signings, but their work will be available during normal store hours through a central register. With this in mind, there are no opportunities to purchase space at a TR!CKSTER event.

Will you be looking at portfolios? Can I show you my work?

TR!CKSTER is not a venue for showing your work or finding a job. Instead, we hope to inspire and empower the future artists and storytellers of the world by presenting and analyzing work of high quality through the Symposia workshops, evening life-drawing sessions, and opportunities to meet with printers and makers of books and art. We will NOT have editors or publishers on hand reviewing work in an official capacity. We do, however, encourage you to strike up conversation with the free-roaming artists and storytellers that will undoubtedly be roaming in and around TR!CKSTER. We hope that, through casual and polite conversation and discussion, you’ll learn more about WHO we are and WHY we create the work we do. In this way, perhaps, you’ll find added inspiration to create and better your own work and work habits.

Will all of the artists and writers you’ve listed be at a TR!CKSTER event?

The ranks of TR!CKSTER are composed of individuals who are participating in a variety of ways. Not all artists or writers will be in attendance the whole week or even in attendance each day. Certain creators will be on hand for the Symposia. You’ll find creators in and around TR!CKSTER enjoying polite conversation and cocktails. TR!CKSTER is designed as a venue where artists and writers are free to enjoy themselves on simple terms. We’d like to meet you as much as you’d like to meet us. At TR!CKSTER we hope to have these acquaintances transpire in a more face-to-face fashion. Additionally, some artists being celebrated at TR!CKSTER will not be in attendance at all. Their work, however, and an effort to celebrate HOW they work will be presented.

Can I bring some books to be signed to your event/to the store?

It’s our hope that TR!CKSTER is considered a venue for mingling, chatting, and sharing ideas. We ask that you use your best judgment and etiquette when striking up a conversation with anyone at a TR!CKSTER event. Be considerate of their time and generosity. More than likely you’ll get the signatures you’re after, but if a creator is enjoying polite conversation, it’s probably not the best time to approach them with a stack of books. It’s important to the creators at TR!CKSTER to be able to converse and enjoy the event in a leisurely and relaxed way.

Gatherings at our brick-and-mortar location will give fans a chance to claim the signatures they crave! Keep your eyes peeled – we’ll post in-store events on the website.

So say TR!CKSTER goes off without a hitch. Can we expect you back next year?

TR!CKSTER is being conceived as a traveling series of pop-up stores. Where it lands, nobody knows. In the meantime, visit our Brick and Mortar location or our online store to get your TR!CKSTER fix!