TR!CKSTERS at Wonder Con!

Published March 17th, 2017 in Events, Tricksters Around the World

Wonder Con is March 31-April 2nd 2017


Artist Alley:

Jeremy Bastion A-09

Alina Chau C-63

Aggie Cheung C-51

Jackie Crofts F-43

The Little Red House C-51

Michael Manomivibul A-38

Amy Mebberson D-18

Sho Murase C-25

JP Neang A-64

Nutmeg Comics F-43

James Wright F-43

Chip Zdarsky B-01

Exhibit Floor:

Tuna Bora DL-20

Elsa Chang DL-20

Fez-O-Rama 2026

Gallery Nucleus 2101 (Look for TR!CKSTERS!)

Hero Complex Gallery 2137 (look for TR!CKSTERS)

Claire Hummel DL-06

IDW 1109

Kikidoodle 1568

Rhode Montijo 912

Super7 1120

Small Press:

Jackie Huang SP-85

EunJung June Kim SP-87

Molly and the Bear SP-56

Bob Scott SP-56

Weatherly Studio SP-37


Published February 28th, 2017 in Events, Tricksters Around the World

Emerald City Comic Con


Alishea Gibson I9

Amy Mebberson BB4

Babs Tarr I8

Becky Cloonan U6

Ben Templesmith J3

Brett Bean S3

Brian Schirmer V16

Brianne Drouhard L4

Bryan Fyffe 1424

Chris Sasaki

Claire Hummel 1237

David Mack Z3

David Petersen 116

Drawn To It Studios S3

Ed Brisson U11A

Ed Siomacco I2

Eric Canete FF13

Emma SanCartier 1332

Everyday Love Art 409

J. Scott Campbell 731

James F. Wright P15

Jason Latour P7

Jennifer Ely AA7

Jim Mahfood U7

Jim Zub V3

Justin Greenwood U11B

Kevin Wada I7

Kikidoodle 308

Kris Anka I6

Lucy Bellwood H9

Matt Gaser B9

Matt Kindt and Sharlene Kindt G3

Matt Wagner L12

Michael Manomivibul 2216

Mike Mignola L9

Mike Norton U8

Nick Dragotta D6

Nidhi Chanani 409

Nutmeg Comics P15

Odd Fauna 1332

RAWRZToys 1339

Schoolism S5

Sho Murase L6

Steph Laberis 1324

Ted Naifeh X1A

Tiffany Turrill DD4

Toby Cypress EE6

Victoria Ying S5

Publishers (You may find TR!CKSTERS Signing here!:

Action Lab 1502

Aftershock Comics 1212

Black Mask Studios 834

BOOM! 1002

Dark Horse 1708

Fantagraphics Books 210

First Second Books 1602

Hazy Dell Press 1303

Hero Initiative 2120


Image Comics 1510

Iron Circus Comics 212

Oni Press 216

Stuart Ng Books 2216

TopatoCo 1102


Christopher Sebela I15A

Cody Vrosh 312

Dustin Nguyen G2

Eunjung June Kim FF4

Fez-O-Rama 115

Jeff Lemire G1



Jen Bartel I5

Jeremy Haun R4

Kate Leth J6

Kelly Sue Deconnick J8

Matt Fraction J7

Naomi Romero C5

Nathan Fairbain V13

Rick Remender

Steve Lieber H16

Valentine DeLandro I16

The Valkyries J5

TR!CKSTERS at CTN & DesignerCon

Published November 16th, 2016 in Tricksters Around the World

For folks attending DesignerCon, here is your list of TR!CKSTERS and where you can find them!

Beatlies 1718

Leslie Leavings 1718

Bigshot Toyworks 901

Little Red House 100

Aggie Cheung 100

Inki-drop 600

Jackie Huang 615

Joey Chou 209

JP Neang 701

Kiki Doodle 1100

Martin Hsu 220

Neenerbot 1018

Jeannine Schafer 1018

OddFauna 1619

Emma SanCartier 1619

Pidgeon Toys 735

Jeff Pidgeon 735

Rawz Toys 423

Ryan Hungerford 1621

Super7 305

For more information on DesignerCon, or to purchase tickets, click here.


For people attending CTN Expo, here is your lists of TR!CKSTERS and where to find them!

Stephan Franck 303

Pascal Campion 600

David Colman B12

J. Scott Campbell B20

Mike Kunkel T001

Jennifer Ely T022

Brett Bean T050

Bill Robinson T055

Flimflammery T055

Katy Hargrove T065

Drake Brodahl T067

Lindsey Olivares T071
Alishea Gibson T074

Steph Laberis T078

Brianne Drouhard T078

Elsa Chang T083

Cory Loftis T085

Genevieve Tsai T087

Liana Hee T099

Brittney Lee T100

Lorelay Bove T103

Alina Chau T115

Brian Ajhar T116

Erick Oh T117

Bob Scott T128

Dice Tsutsumi T152

Robert Kondo T152

Tonic House T152

Armand Baltazar T153

Bobby Chiu T180

Schoolism T182

Victoria Ying T188

Eda Kaban T204

For information on CTNX, panels, and tickets – click here.