Published February 21st, 2014 in Events

With the launch of our new, shiny website, we’re starting fresh, but we’d still like you to know what was happening with TR!CKSTER event highlights in 2012. Here’s a run down ….

July 2012

TR!CKSTER Symposium in San Diego! The TR!CKSTER SYMPOSIA are a series of critically-acclaimed workshop gatherings that focus on process, theory, and technique in storytelling across a variety of media. An engaging story is something that truly draws in an audience, hooking them into relatable aspects of the human condition in a way that they can’t deny, whether it be in a book, a film, a poem, or a song. In discussing this age-old process of storytelling, we at TR!CKSTER believe in truly melding the audience with the storytellers in an environment rich in learning and analysis. Everyone is considered a student at TR!CKSTER, from working professional to aspiring artist, and the Symposia have become an ideal exploration of how we as creators can continue to hone our craft. These aim to be much more than a classic speaking panel or signing, seeking to offer a one-of-a-kind experience of learning and collaboration. The Greeks defined a symposium as a “drinking party”. Be prepared.

Each 2-hour SYMPOSIA at TR!CKSTER 2012 will focus on a different aspect of storytelling. Last year, the Symposia included art demonstrations and workshops as well. This year, similar art demos will occur in the afternoons as a series of one-hour drop-in workshops featuring a rotating roster of today’s top artists.

Tickets for the ART DEMOS will be offered on site at the event.

Tickets for the SYMPOSIA will be offered in advance on Brown Paper Tickets at a cost of $40 per ticket, with limited seating of 25 per workshop.

WHAMIX! Come hear Pixar tech guru Apurva Shah walk us through an incredible new story engine he’s been developing for his company Whamix. Apurva has big plans, plans that might just take the world of telling stories by storm. This engine he’s developing promises to explore new ways of delivering stories to a wider audience–an incredibly user-friendly piece of technology that he’s hoping will allow creators to develop stories in a whole new interactive way. Friday, July 13th.

Michael Golden Workshop. TR!CKSTER is pleased to announce a very special opportunity to sit with storytelling legend MICHAEL GOLDEN. Michael’s work has helped shape the world of comics storytelling over the past few decades. His style has defined a generation of artists, gracing countless pages of licensed books including MICRONAUTS, THE ‘NAM, G.I.JOE, and a wide array of others. TR!CKSTER’s mission isn’t to celebrate this slate of work–our mission is to celebrate the man that brought life to it, and helped instill a high level of excellence in others. Michael is pleased to offer a once-in-a-lifetime workshop, one hour in length, on site at TR!CKSTER. Michael will discuss his process and approach to sequential storytelling and illustration in an effort to help round out YOUR skill set. TR!CKSTER is dedicated to opening the eyes of future storytellers to the truths behind what we do and how we work. Having Michael Golden join our ranks and share his experiences and methods is something you won’t want to miss. Sketchbooks and portfolios of Michael’s personal work will be available for purchase in the TR!CKSTER store. Friday, July 13th.

ANIMATION COLLABORATIVE at TR!CKSTER. Michal Makarawicz, Pixar animator and co-founder of ANIMATION COLLABORATIVE, will join us on SATURDAY during the Artists’ Workshop with a live Maya animation demo and information on the Animation Collaborative, one of today’s leading animation learning programs. Check out ANIMATION COLLABORATIVE here!

October 2012

Steve Niles Signing! Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Creator-Owned Heros) will be the FIRST event at our store! Welcome TR!CKSTER to Berkeley with the first of our on-going events! October 15th at 5pm.

November 2012

Bill Presing Banana Girl Event! This evening marks our celebration of ALL things Bill Presing! Especially his new Banana Girl figure! So stop into the TR!CKSTER store and pick up one of these limited edition beauties – along with prints, books, and the like. You can also shake Bill’s hand (not too hard, he needs to work) and get him to sign your stuff!

December 2012

TR!CKSTER Fox Toy Release Party!

Immedium Publishing Event! Meet some of the authors and illustrators from Immedium Publishing!