Why we’re UN con ventional…

Published May 17th, 2011 in Miscellaneous

TR!CKSTER is incredibly pleased to have the opportunity to offer a sort of “supplement” to the regular con season antics. We’d like to be clear: we’re completely creator-owned and NOT part of Comic-Con International. We’ve had a pleasant and long association as creators with the con proper, but we’ve realized a disconnect in spirit. We know that the con has the world of comics in its heart. We also see that the con has grown in its obligations to its growing audience to supply it with a wide range of content, talent, and media.

We at TR!CKSTER have no such obligations.

Our only obligations are to ourselves and our audience to make art, tell stories, continue to learn, and have an incredible time doing it. We stick to our guns, to our personal ambitions and our personal mantras of what we think WE’D like to see and experience, and we make it happen. On paper. On film. On the web. And at TR!CKSTER.

You’ll find that many of the participants at TR!CKSTER will retain a presence in the San Diego Convention Center as well. There’s no crime in promoting yourself in multiple venues. At TR!CKSTER, however, you’ll find a spirit of celebration when it comes to these creators and their work. You’ll find respect and community. You’ll find an unbiased humanity that feeds artistic endeavor. TR!CKSTER will do its best to maintain a level of progress through sharing and collaboration in knowledge and technique and experience. We’ll celebrate our work, what we’ve achieved–but if we let ourselves be satisfied with our current skill sets and levels of “expertise”, we’ll fall as creators. TR!CKSTERS will continue to learn from those around them, humbly and readily. We’ll never be satisfied with “good enough”. We refuse to fall back on “style” and embrace the concept of substance in its stead. It’s healthy to be proud of what you’ve done, but it’s healthier to realize you’re capable of so much more.

The TR!CKSTER venue will focus on growth–pride in where we’ve been, where we are–and confidence in where we’re going. Why? Because we control where we’re going. We don’t wait for hand-outs. We make opportunities.

Are you with us?

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