TR!CKSTERS at WonderCon 2016!

Published March 24th, 2016 in Events, Tricksters Around the World

Wondercon moves to LA! You can visit this weekend, March 25-27th! Here you’ll find a list of TR!CKSTERS showing and where to find them. Be sure to see them all! TR!CKSTERS! Brett Bean SP100 Nidhi Chanani 2430 Elsa Chang SP011 Alina Chau I-19 David Colman SP099 Everyday Love Art 2430 Flimflammery SP045 Francesco Francavilla A21 […]

TR!CKSTER at Long Beach Comics Expo!

Published February 18th, 2016 in Events, Tricksters Around the World

February 20-21st, 2016! For tickets and show info, click here! Here’s a list of TR!CKSTER and where to find them this weekend! Jason Shawn Alexander: M8 Amanda Conner (Paperfilms) 1000 Dave Crosland: M10 Stephan Franck Mike Kunkel: 432 Jim Mahfood: M9 Amy Mebberson: ANI12 Sho Murase: L8 Jimmy Palmiotti (Paperfilms): 1000 IDW: 706 (they may […]

Delilah Dirk at TRICKSTER!

Published January 21st, 2016 in Events, In Store Events

TR!CKSTER is thrilled to welcome Tony Cliff, the New York Times best selling creator of Delilah Dirk, to celebrate the release of “Delilah Dirk and the King’s Shilling”-the second installment of the swashbuckling adventures of our favorite lady! Join us March 11th as we celebrate the book release with a artist reception for Tony! We’ll […]

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