Published July 19th, 2018 in Events, Tricksters Around the World

Will you be in San Diego for SDCC? Be sure to visit these amazing TR!CKSTERS while you are there! We’re sure a few tricky TR!CKSTERS have slipped our notice so, keep your eyes peeled while you are there! And be sure to visit the publishers listed! You may find TR!CKSTERS signing there!

Have a great show!

Artist Alley:

Jeremy Bastian GG-10

Mingle Chen EE-21

Lea Hernandez BB-09 (past trickster panelist)

David Mack CC-19

Ken Mitchroney GG-21

David Petersen Gg-09

Exhibit Hall:

Armand Baltazar C-05

Brett Bean F-08

Alina Chau 5012

David Colman 1134

David Doodles 1134

Devon Devereaux 4614

Flimflammery 4615

Frank & Becky 1334

Bryan Fyffe 4300

Michael Golden 1509

Justin Greenwood EE-19

Liana Hee 4715

Martin Hsu 4530

Eric Joyner 4921

KikiDoodle 5102

Brittney Lee 5551

Tula Lotay 2643* (check schedule!)

Michael Manomivibul F-10

Amy Mebberson F-07

Mike Mignola 4901

Rhode Montijo 1329

Scott Morse 4701

Eric Powell 2207

Steve Purcell 4901

Bill Robinson 4615

Bobby Rubio 1943

Sam & Max 4901

Bill Sienkiewicz 2614

Allen Spiegel Fine Arts 4701

Tiny Kitten Teeth 1334

Weatherly Studios H-03

Small Press

Claire Hummel Q-15

Eunjung June Kim O-14

Shing Yin Khor O-04

Keith Knight

Le Petite Elefant L-06

Too Much Coffee Man K-13

Cody Vrosh M-08

Shannon Wheeler K-13

James F. Wright Q-04


Baby Tattoo Books 4613

Black Mask Studios 5536

Cartoon Books 2109

Cartoon Art Museum 1930

Chronicle Books 1506

CBLDF 1918

Dark Horse 2615

Del Rey/Penguin Random House 2913

Drawn & Quarterly 1629

Eva Ink 1509

Fantagraphics 1721

First Second Books 2800

Flesk Publications 5019

Hachete Book Group 1116

Hazy Dell Press 1619

IDW 2743

Image Comics 2729

Lion Forge Comics 5543

Macmillan Children’s Publishing 2802

One Press 1833

Simon & Schuster 1128

Stuart Ng Books 5012

Comic Shops/Art Gallery

Gallery Nucleus 2643

Allen Spiegel Fine Art 4701

Schoolism 2042

Bill Sienkiewicz 2614

Society of Illustrators, LA 1720


DKE Toys 5045

Gentle Giant 1729

Inki-Drop 1703

Frank Kozik 5144

Munky King 4851

Purrmaids 5102

Super7 4945

TR!CKSTERS at ECCC – 2018!

Published February 27th, 2018 in Events, Tricksters Around the World

Going to Seattle for the EXCELLENT Emerald City Comic Con? Here’s the list of TR!CKSTERS tabling there! Be sure to visit the publishers and see if any unlisted TR!CKSTERS are signing there (Looking at Steenz and Ivy at Oni for “Archival Quality”!)!

Alishea Gibson C14
Alex Branwyn E4
Amy Mebberson JJ6
Andy Suriano Y9
Babs Tarr* V14
Ben Templesmith Artist Alley
Brianne Drouhard JJ9
Bryan Fyffe CC7
Christopher Sebela X3
Colleen Coover* M3
David Petersen 116
Emma SanCartier HG408
Eunjung June Kim* C9
Everyday Love Art 408
Fez-O-Rama 115
Genevieve Ft X7
Helioscope H1 – H14
Jackie Crofts T12
James F. Wright T12
Jason Shawn Alexander T5
Jen Bartel* V8
Jeremy Haun* Y8
Jessi Jordan* BB4
Jim Mahfood T6
Jim Zub Y14
Johnnie Christmas AA4
Justin Greenwood C2
Kate Leth* T8
Kevin Wada V10
Kikidoodle 308
Kris Anka V9
Kyle Higgins Artist Alley
Laura Allred Artist Alley
Le Petit Elefant* J3
Lea Hernandez Seidman* HH8
Little Brigade 409
Lyla Warren 409
Matt Gaser* W14
Matt Wilson* K3
Michael Golden*211
Michael Manomivibul V4
Mike Allred Artist Alley
Naomi Romero* Q1
Nidhi Chanani 409
Nutmeg Comics T12
Odd Fauna HG408
Pam Wishbow S13
Paul Tobin* M2
Purrmaids 308
Royden Lepp HH14
Seth Rutledge T14
Sho Murase MM16
Steph Laberis 1324
Steve Lieber AA
Terry Moore* D1
Tiffany Terrill V3
Yehudi Mercado HH9
Yoshi Yoshitani V1

BOOM! 1002
Dark Horse Comics 1708
Fantagraphics 210
First Second Books 1602
Hazy Dell Press 1202
Image Comics 316
Iron Circus Comics 212
Oni Press 216
Stuart Ng Books 2216
Topatoco 1102

Jason Latour! Ivan Brandon! Greg Hinkle! Black Cloud at TR!CKSTER!

Published March 17th, 2017 in Events, In Store Events

Join us April 8th as welcome Jason Latour, Ivan Brandon, and Greg Hinkle to TR!CKSTER to celebrate the release of Black Cloud issue #1 with an evening art reception.

We’ll have original art from this beautiful book, as well as a limited number of prints! Don’t miss this spectacular event*!

You’ll be able to sip beverages, nibble snacks, and chat with (almost) the entire creative team! And, if you desire it, they’ll happily scribble on your books!

*This event is brought to you in partnership with Escapist Comics. Be sure to visit Escapist Comics on the afternoon of April 8th for a BBQ&A with Jason Latour, Ivan Brandon, and Greg Hinkle!


Zelda was born in a world of dreams, and hers burned bigger than anyone had ever seen. Now she’s on the run in our world, the dreams broken in her hands. But the pieces are for sale, the rich and the powerful are buying, and suddenly her world isn’t the only place Zelda’s running from. From the creators that brought you Spider-Gwen, SOUTHERN BASTARDS, and DRIFTER, and the incredible colorist of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, comes a place where dreams come true–and today, they go to war.