TRICKSTERS at DCCC and Heroescon 2016!

Published June 16th, 2016 in Events, Tricksters Around the World


Heroes Convention

Here is your list of TR!CKSTERS and where to find them this weekend at DCCC and HeroesCon! Enjoy the shows and don’t miss these amazing creators!

Heroes Con 2016

June 17-19th


Gabriel Ba|AA-1815

Jeremy Bastian|AA-1205

Francesco Francavilla|AA-1310

Cory Godbey|AA-1523

Michael Golden|AA-510-512

Justin Greenwood|AA-1123

Jason Latrou|AA-903

Michael Manomivibul|AA-1407

Fabio Moon|AA-1816

David Petersen|AA-1204

Jim Rugg|AA-1217

Brian Schirmer|AA-827

Bill Sienkiewicz|AA-1501

Ben Templesmith|AA-1410

Craig Yoe|AA-1510


Denver Comic Con

June 17-19


Bryan Fyffe: 676

Lyla Warrren: 769

Jeannine Shafer:868

KikiDoodle: AV325