TR!CKSTER at Long Beach Comics Expo!

Published February 18th, 2016 in Events, Tricksters Around the World

February 20-21st, 2016!

For tickets and show info, click here!

Here’s a list of TR!CKSTER and where to find them this weekend!

Jason Shawn Alexander: M8

Amanda Conner (Paperfilms) 1000

Dave Crosland: M10

Stephan Franck

Mike Kunkel: 432

Jim Mahfood: M9

Amy Mebberson: ANI12

Sho Murase: L8

Jimmy Palmiotti (Paperfilms): 1000

IDW: 706 (they may have additional TR!CKSTER signing at their booth. Be sure to check their schedule!)


Published October 16th, 2014 in Tricksters Around the World

CTN 2014 in November: Here’s a list of TR!CKSTERS attending and where to find them.

Brian Ajhar: T050

Armand Baltazar: T032

Brett Bean: T089

J. Scott Campbell: T063

Pascal Campion: T039

Elsa Chang: T008

Alina Chau: T004

Bobby Chiu: T052

David Colman: B18

Everett Downing: T127a

Extra-Curricular Activities: T029

Stephan Franck: B36

Matt Gasser: B44a

Katy Hargrove: T085

Liana Hee T034

John Hoffman T044

Jackie Huang: T068

Claire Hummel: T086

Steph Laberis: T081

Brittany Lee: T036

Brynn Metheney: T163

Sho Murase: T014

Kris Pearn: T044

Bill Robinson: T019

Bobby Rubio: T127

Andy Suriano: T154

Kirk Thatcher: T017A

James Trujillo: T163

Dice Tsutsumi/Tonko House: T200

Victoria Ying: T029

Michael Yamada: T035