Rose City

September Comic Cons

Published August 30th, 2014 in Events, Tricksters Around the World

September shows! Mark your calendars!

DRAGONCON: Aug. 29th – Sept.1st

Baltimore Comic Con: Sept. 5th – Sept. 7th Be sure to catch the Harvey Awards @ the Baltimore show on Sept. 6th!










MONDO Con: Sept. 20th-Sept. 21st

Bryan Lee O’Malley, Scott C.,  Francesco Francavilla, Bernie Wrightson, Mike Mignola, Tiny Kitten Teeth (Becky and Frank)


ROSE CITY Comic Con: Sept. 20th – Sept. 21st


Brett Bean: O-05

Lucy Bellwood: 1217/1223

Devon Deveraux: 1117

Fex-O-Rama: 815

Bryan Fyffe: M-01/M-02

Paul Guinan: 1217/1223

Claire Hummel: 419

Jim Mahfood: G-06

Dylan Meconis: 1217/1223

Greg Rucka: A-11

Brian Schirmer: A-04

Skottie Young: A-01

Printers/Publishers: Baby Tattoo: 1203 BOOM! 1201 Dark Horse: 701 Oni: 801  


Long Beach Comic Con: September 27th & 28th


Mike Allred (AAAPop): 115

Laura Allred (AAAPop): 115

Cecil Castellucci (LBCC Guest)

Elsa Chang: 1212

Amanda Conner (Paper Films): 113

Dave Crosland: 1107

Eric M. Esquivel

Mike Huddleston (LBCC Guest)

Mike Kunkel: 1903

Jim Mahfood: 1108

Mike Mignola: 212

Jimmy Palmiotti (Paper Films) 113


01 Publishing: 338

Top Cow: 207

Valient: 307