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Animaginary Landscapes Art Show and Reception

Published January 20th, 2015 in Events, In Store Events


Artist Ana Aranda brings her unique voice to her first solo show at TR!CKSTER!

Every city has a personality of it’s own. Ana Aranda imagines the quirky city of San Francisco personified as an amalgam of animals and architecture.

“Ana Aranda was born and raised in Mexico City, where she studied design. From there, she moved to France, where she lived for three years while doing her undergraduate studies in illustration. Ana now lives in San Francisco thanks to a grant from the Mexican Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA). Her biggest inspirations are her childhood memories, the vibrant colors of Mexico, and music. Her work focuses on transforming the every day into fantastical situations, and often includes images from nature and whimsical creatures.

Ana’s work has been featured in different galleries and museums in the United States, France, Mexico and Italy. In San Francisco, she has painted murals in the Mission District, for the Consulate General of Mexico, and for the prestigious de Young Museum. Ana’s illustrations can be found in picture books published in France and Italy. Her latest, ”J’ai Mal à Mon Écorce” (Éditions du Jasmin, France), is forthcoming in 2015.” From the artist’s website


Published September 25th, 2014 in Events, Tricksters Around the World
Brianne Drouhard Monkey

Brianne Drouhard Monkey

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