Published March 3rd, 2016 in Tricksters Around the World

TR!CKSTERS at C2E2 2016

Here’s a list of the TR!CKSTERS slated to appear at C2E2 and where to find (most of) them!

Bryan Fyffe S12

Mike Huddleston N10

Michael Manomivibul B16

Mike Mignola A1

Mike Norton G3

Sho Murase L12

Ben Templesmith K10

Skottie Young V18

Jim Zub L1

Also scheduled to appear! Check the website or show book to find out where!

Ed Brubaker

Kyle Higgins

Royden Lepp

David Petersen

Greg Rucka

Jill Thompson

Friends of TR!CKSTER! Look them up!

*Jeremy Bastion

*Fez-O-Rama 483

*Gail Simone

*Geof Darrow A2


Published March 13th, 2015 in Events, Tricksters Around the World

ECCC logoPlanning on attending Emerald City Comic-Con this March? Here’s a list of every TR!CKSTER tabling there! You’ll also find a few of our favorite creator-friendly publishers (who may have signings with TR!CKSTERS, so check their schedules!), and some additional creators you should absolutely go find     (even if they aren’t TR!CKSTERS…yet!). Don’t forget to check the programming guide! You’ll find TR!CKSTERS on panels at the show (Keep your eyes open for Christine Mignola on the Behind the Scenes: Making Comics panel – 3/27, 3pm, Hall C – . That TR!CKSTER knows her stuff! You’ll want to attend that talk!).

Brett Bean: AA-08

Lucy Bellwood: 1214

Anina Bennett: 1214

Ivan Brandon: H-05

J. Scott Campbell: Celeb10

Nidhi Chanani: 404

David Colman: 1413

David’s Doodles:  1413

Louie Del Carmen: II-09

Devon Deveraux: 1314

Becky Dreistadt: 1102

Brianne Drouhard: G-10

Everyday Love: 404

Flimflammery Press: 917

Eliza Frye: OO-02

Bryan Fyffe: X-10

Justin Greenwood: G-14

Liana Hee: 700

Jackie Huang: 809

Claire Hummel: 904

Suzanne Kaufman: C-09

Steph Laberis: 1320

Royden Lepp: I-02

Brittany Lee: 700

Michael Manomivibul: OO-09

David Mack: N-07

Jim Mahfood: W-08

Dylan Meconis: 1214

Mike Mignola: A-09

Nutmeg: MM-06

OddFauna: M-01

David Peterson: 114

Jeff Pidgeon: G-06

Pidgeon Toys: G-06

Rawrz Toys: 1320

Bill Robinson: 917

Greg Rucka: F-09

Seth Rutledge: L-12

Emma SanCartier: M-01

Brian Schimer: Z-01

Dave Stewart: A-10

Stuart Ng Books: 1907

Andy Suriano: HH-12

Ben Templesmith: W-07

Lyla Warren: 404

Skottie Young: Q-08



#Fez-O-Rama: 115

*Flesk Publishing: 1706

*IDW: 1802

*Image: 312

*Oni: 212

*Boom Studios: 1002

*Darkhorse: 802



Non-TR!CKSTERS you should find!

#Drake Brodehl: 702

#Kate Leth

#Kiki Doodle: 1203

#Muertoons/Tiki Machine: 1415

#Helen Yoon: 809

#Terry Huddleston: B-01

#Kurtis J. Wiebe: D-06

#Christopher Sebela: A-16

#Amy Mebberson: I-09

#Eric Canete Q-12

#Johnnie Christmas: P-06

#Nick Dragotta: O-06

#Tyler Jenkins: P-07

#Jamie McKelvie: II-05

#Bruce Timm: D-10

#Ed Brisson: HH-07

#Kelly Sue Deconnick: II-03

#Matt Fraction: II-04

#Kieren Gillen: II-06

Charlene Kelley in September

Published September 27th, 2014 in Tricksters Around the World


You’ll remember our previous post regarding Charlene’s participation in “Delicious” opening this weekend and showing until October 20th. See details here.

Also this weekend, Charlene will be included in the Comics and Illustration Showcase at the Cartoon Art Museum. Tickets and information here.