Alina Chau Brings Acquerello III to TR!CKSTER

Published August 2nd, 2015 in Events, In Store Events


TR!CKSTER Alina Chau released the latest collection, and first hardcover edition,  of her stunning art earlier this summer at SDCC. At last, she brings it home to TR!CKSTER!

Join us on August 22nd as we celebrate the release with ALL new original art from Alina – including pieces NEVER seen here at TR!CKSTER. Many original from gallery shows around the world will be on our walls for your enjoyment.

Can’t decide which piece to add to your collection? Take them all home with a copy of Acquerello III!

The reception begins August 22nd  at 6:00pm.

The show lasts until September 15th!


Snorffles and Meeps 3 Launch Party!

Published August 25th, 2014 in Events, In Store Events




Join us as we celebrate the release of “Snorffles and Meeps 3” from Jeannine Schafer and Steph Laberis!

We’ll have the new book, all new prints, a small supply of hand-made pillows, a limited amount of Totes McGoats Totes, stickers, and MORE!

Are you a Snorffles and Meeps 3 Kickstarter backer? Why wait by the mailbox? Pick up your loot IN PERSON at this event! As a bonus, you’ll receive a FREE Bookplate!

Did you miss out on the Kickstarter? Now’s the chance to snag all the loot you thought you missed!

The fun begins on October 25th at 6pm! Don’t miss it!