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Published September 13th, 2016 in Events, In Store Events


Where does the time go? It’s been four years since we’ve opened our doors in Berkeley. Help us celebrate this momentous occasion, and join us for a Anniversary bash for the AGES!

We’ll have new Halloween and horror themed art (natch) made just for this event, tasty beverages, refreshments, and oh…did we mention? MIKE MIGNOLA will be here! We’re crafting a print for the day – one never before made available – and we’ll have the final Hellboy in Hell trade to boot. We’ve also got a small number of his “From the Vault” sketchbooks on hand.

Kindly mark your calendars and drag your bodies to TR!CKSTER for this “horror”ible good time!

October Anniversary Events!

Published September 14th, 2014 in Events, In Store Events








…well, the gallery does, at least. To celebrate, we’ve got THREE days of fun coming your way! Mark your calendars, you won’t want to miss these!







October 11th: 3rd annual Halloween Art show!


Spooky or funny? You decide! Our favorite time of year give our many TR!CKSTERS a chance to play! Join us for a reception and see what madness they’ve come up with!



October 24th: The Gallery Girls return!


The best figure models in the biz, The Gallery Girls make their way back to TR!CKSTER to strike a pose for your sketching pleasure! Grab your sketchbook and save a seat!

$15 to the models. Tipping for photos encouraged.





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October 25th: Snorffles and Meeps 3 + Our 2nd anniversary bash!

A two-fer! Come celebrate two years of TR!CKSTER treats and see the launch of “Snorffles and Meeps 3” from Steph Laberis and Jeannine Schafer! Two of our talented TR!CKSTERS release their 3rd book on our 2nd anniversary!

See you there!