Published May 17th, 2011 in Miscellaneous

Hello all!

TR!CKSTER’s announcement yesterday seems to haver caused quite a stir! We’re incredibly pleased that the creative world sees the potential in celebrating the creator-owned. We’d like to be clear on a few points that have surfaced:

*TR!CKSTER will feature the work of select individuals in this first incarnation. We’d love to spotlight and promote everyone but the reality of the event space is that it’s limited in size. While there’s plenty of room to shop, enjoy, mingle and chat, we’re planning to use most of the allotted retail space as best we can to showcase the work we’ve grown to love. We’ll have a wide range of work on display, work of high quality and unique vision: from stapled minis to hardback coffee table books, from creator-owned small-run sketchbooks to some of the latest graphic novels you’ve been eagerly awaiting to debut and own.

*With our space being limited, TR!CKSTER is unfortunately not including unsolicited work in this first incarnation. While we’d love to see what you do and are incredibly excited that you’re eager to promote yourself, we just can’t showcase everyone, and we apologize.

*TR!CKSTER is adamant about showcasing creator-owned and controlled work. The people involved have worked hard to create their OWN worlds and TR!CKSTER is the place to celebrate those unique visions and ways of working and thinking.

*TR!CKSTER is only considering and accepting sponsorship from entities that “make the things that help us make things”. We consider distribution outlets, news sites, printing companies, makers of art supplies, and manufacturers of our goods to be proper partners or sponsors. That said, we’re still retaining the rights to TR!CKSTER as creators, for creators. This is an “out of pocket” endeavor and any outside sponsorship is supplementary for helping us create our space and provide for the audience in unique ways.

*TR!CKSTER is being designed in part as a learning environment: education for up-and-coming storytellers and artists as well as seasoned professionals. We’re offering the Symposia for this reason, to allow a specified, focused, intense environment on sharing technique, method, and theory. TR!CKSTER is not a venue for portfolio revues or for editors to overtly find talent. The whole mission of TR!CKSTER is to empower people to make and produce high quality work of THEIR OWN. We’re not aiming to be a venue for “finding” you work. We want to empower people to MAKE their own work.

Thanks to everyone for helping to spread the word, for supporting our endeavors, and for your enthusiastic spirit!

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