Published September 30th, 2015 in Events, Tricksters Around the World
Jeff Pidgeon 'Kong!

Jeff Pidgeon ‘Kong!

Your list of TR!CKSTERS at NYCC this October and where to find them!

44 Flood: M4

Jason Shawn Alexander: O16

Gabriel Ba: Y1

Scott C. N5

J. Scott Campbell: 2128

Nidhi Chanani: E6

Amanda Conner: DD10

Dave Crossland: O17

Everyday Love Art: E6

Fez-O-Rama: 2344

Eliza Frye: CC10

Bryan Fyffe: 942

Cory Godbey: D11

Kyle Higgins: CC19

Jason Latour: Y9

David Mack: U18

Jim Mahfood: O18

Amy Mebberson: D5

Fabio Moon: Y1

Odd Fauna: 407

David Petersen: J1

Emma SanCartier: 407

Bill Sienkiewicz: I18

Super7: 174

Ben Templesmith: M1

Topatoco: 3164

Shannon Wheeler: V13A

Publishers – Be sure to check their schedules to see which tricky TR!CKSTERS may be signing there!

First Second Books: 2237

Hachette Book Group: 2218

Harper Collins 2118-2119

IDW: 1844

Image: 1544

Oni Press: 1928

Penguin Random House: 2204