Published November 5th, 2015 in Events, Tricksters Around the World

CTN-Expo takes place November 20-22nd, 2015. Here is a list of TR!CKSTERS attending/tabling at the show and where to find them.

Please note, that unless specified by the artist or programming, the artists listed here may not be able or willing to critique or review your portfolios. Please check the CTN-Expo site for information on portfolio reviews, critiques, or employment opportunities.

Brian Ajhar: T152

Daniel Arriaga: T009

Armand Baltazar: T056

Brett Bean: T078

Drake Brodahl: T120

J. Scott Campbell: B43

Pascal Campion: T077

Alina Chau: T099

Bobby Chiu: T060

David Colman: B44

Julia Cone: B67A

Extra-Curricular Activities: T067

Valerio Fabbretti; B10A

Stephan Franck: B14

Alisha Gibson: T079

Katy Hargrove; T275

Liana Hee: T075

Jackie Huang: T096

Eda Kaban: B10C

Steph Laberis: T101

Brittney Lee: T073

Michael Manomivibul: T191

Brynn Methaney: T122

Eric Oh: T162A

Lindsay Olivares: T059

Bill Robinson: T100

Chris Sasaki: T053A

Dice Tsutsumi: T010

Tonko House: T010

Victoria Ying: T067