Published June 30th, 2015 in Tricksters Around the World


Planning on attending the San Diego Comic-Con next weekend? Here’s a list of TR!CKSTERS and where to find them!

We’ve also included a list of creator-friendly publishers. Check their schedules as you may find additional TR!CKSTERS at those booths (and posted signing times for TR!CKSTERS on this list!

If you’ll be at the show, be sure to also attend the Eisner Awards on Friday night to root for TR!CKSTER to take home the Eisner Spirit of Retailing award (or to cheer for the lucky store that actually DOES take the award home)!



Armand Baltazar Studios: C-05

Brett Bean F-08

Beastlies: N-08

Anina Bennett: CC-02

  1. Scott Campbell: 4601

Pascal Campion: G-02

Nidhi Chanani: O-13

Alina Chau: Q-12

Bobby Chiu: G-06

David Colman: H-05

Deven Devereaux: 4614

Everyday Love Art: O-13

Extra-Curricular Activities: 1734

Mike Fleming: 5250

Flimflammery: O-03

Eliza Frye: DD-07

Jackie Huang: F-09

Kiki Doodle: L-06

Jason Latour: EE-21

Leslie Leavings: N-08

Brittany Lee: 4405

David Mack: CC-20

Mike Mignola: 4901

Rhode Montijo: 1329

Sho Murase: GG-23

David Petersen: GG-09

? Eric Powell: 2209

Bill Robinson: O-03

Allen Spiegel: 4701

Jill Thompson: II-22

Too Much Coffee Man: K-13

Tweedlebop: 5250

Lyla Warren: N-05

Weatherly Studio: H-03

Shannon Wheeler: K-13

Craig Yoe (Guest)

Skottie Young (Guest)




Cartoon Books: 2109

Chronicle Books: 1506

Dark Horse: 2615

DKE Toys: 5045

Drawn & Quarterly: 1629

First Second Books: 1323

Flesk Publications: 5019

IDW: 2743

Image Comics: 2729

Oni Press: 1833

Stuart Ng Books: 5012

TopatoCo: 1229


Not TR!CKSTERS but, not To be Missed!


Cartoon Art Museum: 1930

CBLDF: 1918

Conduct Happiness: 5249

Kid Robot: 5645

Frank Kozik: 5647

Schoolism: 2042

Super7: 4945

Matt Kindt: CC-04

Kelly Sue De Connick (Guest)

Bernie Wrightson (Guest)

Chip Zdarsky (Guest)