Published July 9th, 2014 in Events, Tricksters Around the World


Where you’ll find TR!CKSTERS in San Diego this July for SDCC. Visit the Comic-Con website for more information on SDCC. Looking for alternative activities in San Diego during the ‘Con? Check out the Unofficial SDCC blog!


Allen Spiegel Fine Art 4701

Armand Baltazar C-05

Brett Bean F-08

Anina Bennett CC-02

Scott C.

J. Scott Campbell 4601

Pascal Campion G-02/G-03

Cartoon Books

Nidhi Chanani O-13

David Colman H-05

Amanda Conner AA booth. Additional signings DC booth 1915 (Friday 2p-3p, Saturday 12:30-1:30p)

Josh Cooley #1506 (SATURDAY ONLY) 10a-11a

Geoff Darrow 4901

Louie Del Carmen G-04

Devon Devereaux 4614

DKE Toys 5045

David’s Doodles H-05

Becky Dreistadt: 2743

Brianne Drouhard (Sunday 10a. ONLY) 2813 (VIZ Booth)

Extracurricular Activities 1734

Francesco Francavilla II14 (Friday and Saturday, Limited Hours) Additional signing 2842 (Friday 11a-12p, Saturday 3p-4p)

Michael Fleming 5250

FlimFlammery O-03

Eliza Frye DD-07

Frank Gibson 2743

Paul Guinan CC-01

Jackie Huang F-09

Ryan Hungerford P-12

Keith Knight K-15

Frank Kozik 5051

Brittany Lee 5551

Bryan Lee O’Malley

David Mack 2845

Jim Mahfood

Mike Mignola 4901 additional signings Thurs. 1-2p (#4245), Fri. 2:15p-3:15p (#2615), Sat. 11a-12p (#2643)

Sho Murase GG-23

Muertoons 1802

Steve Niles THURSDAY ONLY #2643 (2p-4p) #2615 (4:30p-5:30p)

Jimmy Palmiotti AA booth. Additional signings DC booth 1915 (Friday 2p-3p, Saturday 12:30-1:30p)

Jim Pascoe DD-21

David Petersen GG-09

Andy Ristaino P-09

Bill Robinson O-03

Octavio Rodriguez G-04

Jim Rugg

Jason Shawn Alexander

Jeff Smith

Jill Thompson 1901

Tweedlebop 5250

Lyla Warren N-05

Shannon Wheeler K-13

James Wright 2006

Bernie Wrightson – cancelled. Send happy thoughts his way!

Weatherly Studio H-03

Victoria Ying 1734

Michael Yamada 1734


Friends of TR!CKSTER

(Publishers and Creators – check the publisher schedules as you may find TR!CKSTERS here!)

Steven E. Gordon EE-21

Baby Tattoo Books 4712

BOOM Studios

Cartoon Art Museum 1930

Chronicle Books 1506

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund 1920

Dark Horse Comics 2615

Drawn and Quarterly 1629

Fantagraphics 1718

First Second 1323

Flesk Publications 5019

Hachette Books 1116

Heroes Initiative 5003

IDW 2643

Image Comics 2729

Oni Press 1833

Stan Sakai 4906

Skybound 2729

Stuart Ng 5012

Super 7 4945