TR!CKSTERS at WonderCon 2016!

Published March 24th, 2016 in Events, Tricksters Around the World

Wondercon moves to LA! You can visit this weekend, March 25-27th!

Here you’ll find a list of TR!CKSTERS showing and where to find them. Be sure to see them all!


Brett Bean SP100

Nidhi Chanani 2430

Elsa Chang SP011

Alina Chau I-19

David Colman SP099

Everyday Love Art 2430

Flimflammery SP045

Francesco Francavilla A21

Robert Goodin F24

Jackie Huang SP072

Clair Hummel DL51

Kikidoodle DL54

Steph Laberis SP107

Lace and Lore 2155

Michael Manomivibul C29

Rhode Montijo 1319

Sho Murase B04

JP Neang G24

Neenerbot DL46

Bill Robinson SP045

Jeannine Schafer DL46



Jeremy Bastian B32*

Baby Tattoo Books 2111*

Boom Studios 1611*

Fez-O—Rama 1240

IDW 1415*

Image Comics 1802*

Nutmeg Comic J30*

Oni Press 1817*

Stuart Ng Books 2215*

Super7 2114*

Be sure to visit the publisher’s booths listed above! You may find additional TR!CKSTERS there signing books!