TR!CKSTERS at WonderCon!

Published March 20th, 2015 in Events, Tricksters Around the World

WonderconIf you’re attending WonderCon Anaheim this April, here’s a list of every TR!CKSTER showing there and where to find them! In addition, we’ve included a few creator-focused publishers (check their show schedule, you may find a TR!CKSTER signing at their booth!), and a few addition creators who aren’t TR!CKSTERS (yet!) that you might want to visit!


Brett Bean: SP-017

Nidhi Chanani: SP-056

Elsa Chang: SP-057

Alina Chau: C-51

Everyday Love Art: SP-056

Eliza Frye: E-08

Jackie Huang: SP-063

Rhode Montijo: 512

Sho Murase: B-18

JP Neang: D-24

Lyla Warren: D-53


*Boom Studios: 611

*Fez-O-Rama: 1406

*IDW: 509

*Image: 601

*Stuart Ng Books: 1111

*Super7: 1639

Other creators you might want to check out

#Tuna Bora: SP-057

#Steve Epting: A-13

#Nutmeg Comic; D-03

#Phil Noto: E-33

#Stephan Silver: SP-006