Welcome to the Game Changer.

Published May 13th, 2011 in Miscellaneous

TRCKSTER_HUDDLESTON-2-300x300Hello, creators and admirers of art! Revelers of the written word! Thrill-seekers of the mind, enthusiasts of the sequential! We’re going to try something NEW. Are you with us?

We here at TR!CKSTER seek to entertain on all levels, and BE entertained in the process. To do this we feel that the creators of the work and the audience must form and protect a bond. The protection of this bond becomes more integral, powerful, and important as the work grows and evolves in the hearts and minds of the audience and the creators. Now, for a work to grow and evolve–for a story to form and connect and resonate, or for an image to last in the mind of the viewer–the creator must feel a freedom to create. Input and comment on the world of the creator should only be taken BY the creator if the creator sees fit. After all, worlds cannot come alive without a unique vision. To water down a vision is to rob the audience of entertainment. Too many cooks can spoil the broth.

This is applicable across the board. Take, for example, the venues in which we show and sell our work–the venues in which we meet and afford ourselves the chance to connect, one on one, with the audience. We’ve experienced a disconnect, and it is called “the booth”, “the table”. Instead, let us try something NEW, we say. Are you with us?

We present to you the concept of TR!CKSTER. Since the dawn of time, TR!CKSTERS have haunted every pantheon of gods, every culture’s legends, every book of fairy tales, and every coffee shop of every town in the world. They’re the grey area, the walkers of the thin line between the lands of the gods and the world of man. They’re not good or evil; they work towards a singular goal of self fulfillment. They see something shiny and they attempt to make it theirs, paying little heed to the world around them in the process. This is much like the creators of art. We MAKE because it’s in our blood and soul, because we can’t NOT make. It’s how we speak, with our words and pictures. It’s how we connect. Are you with us?

We hope you’ll plan to come and experience TR!CKSTER’s first incarnation this summer. We seek to offer you a haven where you can enter freely, discover and enjoy original art and wares you’ll find in few other places, to partake in a cocktail and mingle with the makers of these worlds, and possibly to learn from them, if you’re open to it. We at TR!CKSTER believe that you can NEVER stop learning, no matter your age or experience. To close yourself to new ways of thinking is pure folly. We’re fools, surely, and we’ll make mistakes on our journey here, but we’ll have fun in the process, and we WILL learn and laugh and meet and be merry. No booths will keep us apart. We’ll seek to disperse the lines and throngs of mania. We’ll hope to relax and enjoy and remember why we do this. Are you with us?

Come with us.

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